An Post - Readers Wanted

An Post recently unveiled #ReadersWanted, a national campaign which celebrates the value and joy of reading and encourages everyone to pick up more books, more often. The campaign is in support of An Post’s sponsorship of the Irish Book Awards and runs across a breadth of channels including 48-sheet and 6-sheet outdoor sites, bus shelters, online, video and social media.

An Post is kicking off its support of the Irish Book Awards by reminding people of the power of reading to challenge and alter people’s thinking, to bring parents and children together, to break down social barriers and to entertain. 

The campaign was centred around my artwork, injecting some fun character and lots of colour. I worked alongside animator Manus Goan at Windmill Lane to produce the finished video campaign which is appearing across various tv slots.

AnPost_Readers Wanted_Mark Conlan1.jpg
An Post_Readers Wanted_Mark Conlan3.gif
AnPost_Readers Wanted_Mark Conlan2.jpg
An Post_Readers Wanted_Mark Conlan5
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