My Friday Five | 3

Yet again, another week has flown in and its that time again where I round some of the interesting things I have come across this week.

Monge Quentin

Monge Quentin is an Illustrator living and working in Paris. When he is not having fun cutting papers he also work as an art director for . His mixed media work combines minimalist cut-out shapes, bright colours, and figurative characters. Monge has the amazing ability of creating a journey in each of his pieces that you can easily relate to if its though his quirky characters or the beautiful colour combinations.

Monge Quentin_1
Monge Quentin_2
Monge Quentin_4
Monge Quentin_5
Monge Quentin_3

Future With Bright Lights

A beautiful soft and subtle video by Japanese infrastructure company Kandenko. “Future with Bright Lights” follows the line of a silver ink circuit pen (developed by AgIC Inc.) as it brings tiny handmade structures and cityscapes to life.

Be a Great Storyteller

In this insightful and very helpful article,  Jacqueline Lara talks about how important it is for visual artists to also be a great storyteller. "So you’re a visual artist and you rely on the visual element of your work to sell it and captivate viewers in a single glance. But while art does indeed speak for itself, it only tells part of your story."

Read the full article here


Jacopo Rosati

To say Jacob Rosati is a personal inspiration is an understatement. The Italian Illustrator is a master of the craft. Rosati who is widely known for his cutout felt illustrations. His use of primary colours perfectly combined with characters that we can all relate to, really make Rosati one of the best. 

Rosati has recently published a new project where he worked with an Italian magazine called Vita. He creates some beautiful illustrated stories and even threw in some animation for some extra measure.

Jacob Rosati_1
Jacob Rosati_3
Jacob Rosati_2
Jacob Rosati_7
Jacob Rosati_6
Jacob Rosati_5
Jacob Rosati_4


Appetizing Lego Food Art by Tary

Who doesn't love Lego and who doesn't love food? Nobody is the answer. Japan has a tradition in artificial food, because restaurants regularly recreate their dishes in an artificial manner to get their customers mouth watering and the displays last longer than the real displays. 

Artist Tary creates these mouth watering pieces of art from lego.

Lego Art_Tary 1
Lego Art_Tary 2
Lego Art_Tary 3
Lego Art_Tary 4