Making My Mark

I guess this is one of the most confusing subjects for most creatives. I think its something that can really effect your work and in turn your work flow.


We all have a style, but as we develop further into our careers, the style boundaries can quickly appear and then disappear. One day its all going your way, the next you just cant seem to execute the simplest of concepts. It feels like your working pattern has disappeared and you almost feel stuck.


I am still very new to the illustration industry. I only started working at it full time six months ago. I had been working as a creative in the design industry before this, so I have always illustrated but never on a professional basis.


Throughout the past six months, I can definitely say that I have developed as an Illustrator. Though this was not an easy ride. I get those days where crippling self doubt settles in and I cant stand looking at the work I have or am currently producing. I think, god this is terrible, I cant be a professional Illustrator producing work like this. But then I also have days where it all just seems to flow and I have that extra confidence about my work.

"I guess the thing to try remember is that it is normal"

I am currently going through one of these phases. I keep looking at other illustrators for inspiration, but then I get this overwhelming jealousy of their style, talent and of course success. This has to be normal, right? Well I think so, I personally think its a time most creatives go through. I like to refer to it as a development period. A time for reflection, involving more thought process along with trying to put yourself out of your comfort zones.

Blog_Mark Conlan_p1


Personally I feel its a confidence issue as I grow into this industry. By comparing myself to everyone else and having what they have puts limitations on my creativity and in turn effects my style and flow.


I like to think there are several ways to try help yourself. These include, changing your surroundings for a little while. Having a nice long walk or one thats helps me a lot is trying to use a different medium that you don't normal use. The different approach to mark making can inform and in turn benefit your creativity. Helping you keep up with the trends in this rapidly growing market.


I guess the thing to try remember is that it is normal and try see it as a time for your mind to have break and to look at at it all from a different perspective.


You might be one of those creatives who has never faced this dilemma, if so, you’re one of the lucky ones. If you too are going through a difficult time, remember that it will pass soon and you will be smashing out that awesome work you normally do.


I always love hearing and conversing with other creatives, so get in touch to say hello or to chat about anything. I'd also love to hear your opinions on what I have just wrote about.


Here are some sketches of my process during my so called block.


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Blog_Mark Conlan_P4
Blog_Mark Conlan_p3
Blog_Mark Conlan_P5