Aquent / Vitamin T Calendar

 Aquent, a global leader in marketing and design staffing, launched a new division several years back called, Vitamin T. Vitamin T match the best creative talent with the best creative companies across the Australian, UK and American markets.

Every year Aquent and Vitamin T release a talent Calendar which gets delivered to the desks of their clients worldwide. In 2015 my artwork was chosen to be showcased in the 2016 Talent calendar.

The brief for the artwork was open, so I chose something bright, colourful and which had some imagination in it too. Its great to be showcased right beside the other 12 featured artists. They even featured me on my birthday month, June.

I have taken some photos of my artwork and included them below.


Aquent_VitaminT_Calendar_Mark Conlan_Blog1
Aquent_VitaminT_Calendar_Mark Conlan_Blog2