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PICAME means pinch me.

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Recently I have had my artwork shared several times on the Picame Instagram and Twitter pages. Its great to think the folks over at Picame consider my work to be up there with others in order for it to be shared. In fact its great when anybody shares your work, its a fantastic method of getting your work infant of new eyes too.

“ Don’t worry about people sharing your work, worry about when they stop sharing it”

I recently read an article and there was a standout quote which said, “ Don’t worry about people sharing your work, worry about when they stop sharing it”. This makes so much sense when you think about it in some more detail. The more people that are sharing your work and attributing you the better. You get more traffic to your page or site and people are talking about you more.



I guess this has had a lot to do with me growing my follower base over the past few months. Picame kind of started of my increasing numbers by sharing several of my pieces over a short period of time. Not only do is help with your numbers growing, but you get to see so many other illustrators that you wouldn't have got to lay your eyes on otherwise.

Picame have featured some of my illustration over on their website too. Have a look if you ever get a chance.

See the article here