My Process - Another Example

The last time I showed a process video, I promised some more examples to follow. Well here it is! I haven't cropped the window this time, so you can see more of the layer system that I use etc.

This video is slightly more time consuming than the last. Sometimes I forget how long it takes me to create a piece like this. It's quite a strange feeling when you are recording yourself working, you have to concentrate very hard and not make loads of mistakes :D Sometimes, I completely forget and I walk away from the Cintiq for a while and there is a long gap in the recording. Oops!

If you would like to record your own process but don't know how, it's super simple. Navigate to Quicktime and then File - New Screen Recording. Once as you hit record, you're away. You can pause the recording too if you need a break. Once as you press stop, Quicktime processes your video. If you don't have access to After Effects, you can then edit the speed and crop the video in iMovie. Once as you're happy, Handbrake is a fantastic free resource which will help you compress the file size massively.

If you do record your own process, please share them. We all need to see more process videos rather than loads of polished or finished illustrations.