My Process - A Long time coming

Firstly, let me apologise for how long it has taken me to post another blog. I know there shouldn't be excuses, but I found myself particularly busy in the past months working on several projects. I have finally go the chance to update my site with some new exciting content and there will be loads more to update with in the new year.

I try to keep my social media channels updated on a regular basis with either personal work or snippets of what I am currently working on. Lately so many people have been very interested in my process and in particular how it is I create my style. Now I cant give it all away but I have created some videos to show my process. I use photoshop, mainly Kyle T Webster brushes and my own imagination.

Personally I love seeing the process behind an artist's work and in particular the way in which they create their own individual aesthetic. I hope you enjoy the first of these videos and I will post some more soon.